Pay Per Click Advertising

Are you in a competitive industry? 

Let’s try some paid advertising to get you showing on top of search results immediately!

Does Pay Per click (PPC) Scare You?

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Often, people are so overwhelmed by the various options for paid advertising that they don’t know where to start.

At Nonna, we know how to create and manage PPC campaigns that actually work!

If you’re in a competitive industry, let us help you by building PPC ads that get you on top of search results immediately.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google and Bing Paid Ads are the first thing you will notice at the top of any given search result. On average, 41% off all clicks occur from the top 3 ads and the rest occur from the first 5 organic (SEO) listings.

If you are in a competitive market, SEO alone may not get you ranked on the first page. Therefore you must run a PPC campaign in order to compete and stay relevant in your market. It is important to run PPC campaigns that align with the best practices set in place by the search engines. It is also important to have a Search Engine Optimization strategy behind every PPC campaign. This will insure that your website receives the best ranking possible from sites like Google and Bing which will in turn provide you with a better campaign. Choose a company like Nonna who has been trained and certified by Google and Bing to build campaigns that work!

When companies trust Nonna to build and manage their paid advertising efforts along with their search engine optimization, they can expect to see results. The goal with any of our PPC campaigns is that most companies, depending on competition, will be able to scale back paid advertising dollars as their organic reach begins to grow.

PPC advertising means you pay per click. Nonna will research average cost per clicks for your industry and provide an outline with a suggested monthly budget. Some of our clients whose goals are lead generation through their site, are spending $1000 a month on Google ads and seeing around 20 leads a month. We also have clients who are focused on brand promotion and spend close to $25,000 a month and receive around 200 phone or email leads.

Whether you click on paid ads yourself, it is important to remember two things:

  1. PPC ads work, obviously Google is doing pretty well.
  2. Even when someone doesn’t click your ad, you are establishing brand identity by having your ads run. Think of it like a free billboard!

Are you ready to be on page one of search results with PPC Ads?